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What is HAPKIDO?
Prices for Lord Martial Arts & Fitness Hapkido
  • YMCA Members $40 Monthly 
  • Non- YMCA Members $70 Monthly 
Downtown YMCA
165 East Intendencia Street
Pensacola, Florida 32502
Chun Moo Hapkido
  • The Chun Moo Kwan (Chun Moo Style) was founded in the late 1970’s in the Geyunggi Do Province of South Korea by Choi Song Gul. Choi Song Gul was one of the early students of the founding fathers of Hapkido to include Ji Han-Jae, Choi Yong Sul, and Kim Mu Wong. One of Choi Song Gul’s senior students was Ahn Tae Ho. Ahn Tae Ho was the principle instructor to Rick Jessee and Chun Bek Un. Mr. Jessee and Chun Bek Un also trained under Master Kang Shin Ho during the 1980s.
  • Master Jesses obtained the rank of fifth degree black belt in Chun Moo Hapkido while learning, teaching, and living Hapkido in South Korea.  In 1985, Master Rick Jessee moved back to the United Stated and founded the Chun Moo Kwan USA. 
  • Sadly, the Chun Moo Kwan was absorbed by the Sung Moo lineage of Hapkido and never recognized by the Hapkido organizations as an individual style of Hapkido again. Master Jessee choose not to adopt the curriculums of the other Hapkido styles and choose to remain independent and stick to his roots, so he could preserve the Chun Moo style of Hapkido. 

Hapkido is a martial art that combines hard and soft techniques and is often translated as, “ The way of coordinating power.” The founder of Hapkido, Ji Han-Jae, describes the meaning of Hapkido in the following manner: Hap means bringing together, gathering and harmonizing. Ki is the energy or breath of the body that connects the mind and body. Do is the process or the way Hap and Ki occurs. Ji Han-Jae defines Hapkido as, “The way of Harmonizing the mind and body through the utilization of Ki.” Hapkido consist of strikes, joint locks, and throws found in many other martial arts. 
Student uniforms are roughly $30 each and can be purchased through Lord Martial Arts and Fitness. 

Other gear will be necessary as the student progresses into sparring.