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What people are saying about us

Andrew's confidence has improved so much since transferring to your Hapkido program at Lord Martial Arts & Fitness. We see a big difference in him!
- Andrews Mom, May 2012
Lord Martial Arts & Fitness Creates 
Life Champions! 
Lord Martial Arts is the best Martial arts program we have ever known, and we've attended our fair share of them over the past 9 years. Our daughter, Vanessa, was a quiet, shy, timid 3 year old when she took her 1st class. Over the years, she has had, loved, and lost many instructors. Now, at almost 12 years of age, she has come out of her proverbial shell, learned discipline, respect, integrity, honor, leadership, and self confidence. She has become a leader, a fighter, a good role model and a friend to many. Thanks to her newly found confidence as well as the support and training from the owners/instructors Dr. & Mrs. Lord, she has now set her sights on testing for Level 1 Instructor Certification. We are proud of who she is and what she is becoming at Lord Martial Arts and Fitness!
- Vanessa's Mom, JULY 2010
I have played many sports and have never had as much fun working so hard while learning new skills. Dr. Lord and the Staff are great! 
- Mr. C, April 2017
["This Hapkido thing is soooo hard! So much concentration involved. It is not like running at all. I LOVE it! I love that after 4 months of struggling to get my girls to practice that they are looking forward to practice now. I love that my Sadie walked out of practice a few weeks ago and said....Hapkido is really giving me a lot of self confidence. Thank you so much Dr. Lord and Mrs. Lord."
Cherie E. 
- Cherie E., JUNE 2014
I have lost nearly thirty pounds and become much more agile since starting the Hapkido program run by Dr. Lord and his staff here at the Downtown YMCA. Never thought I could learn martial arts at my age. .  
- Mr. V, March 2016
Downtown YMCA
165 East Intendencia Street
Pensacola, Florida 32502